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What is CAP?

CAP is the apolitical, faith-friendly alternative to AARP.

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Auto rentals, hotels, legal protection and more—CAP offers discounts that will take you where you want to go!

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Why Join CAP?

CAP keeps life affordable, so you can enjoy all of the activities that keep you connected to your family, your friends and your faith.

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Sunday, 20 Apr 2014


What is CAP

Welcome to the Christian Association of PrimeTimers (CAP)! CAP is a faith-based alternative to AARP, dedicated to providing you with quality discounted benefits and services to enhance the prime years of your life. Unlike AARP, CAP takes the focus off of political advocacy and social change and puts it on Christian values. These are the values that will strengthen and deepen your faith while you enjoy living life to the fullest.

CAP was founded in 1994 in order to meet the needs and interests of Christians who are in their prime years. Our goal is to bring you great discounts on the services you want and need for a low annual fee.


CAP provides its members with discounts on prescription medications, home and auto insurance, legal protection, and hotel and automobile rentals. If you are moving or looking to move, CAP provides discounts on all moving related transactions; from buying or selling a home to moving your world down the street or to an entirely different state. Click here to see the current offered benefits.

We are always looking for better deals for our members – that's YOU! Our goal is to continue adding benefits that focus on your health and wellness, leisure, financial security, home, auto and, most importantly, your faith.

Why Join CAP?

As a member of CAP, you become a part of a growing Christian organization focused on living your life to the fullest. CAP provides discounted services positively impacting everything from your physical health and wellbeing to your financial health. CAP is all about keeping life affordable, so you can enjoy all of the activities that keep you connected to your family, your friends and your faith.


Don't hesitate to join CAP today! A one-time discount savings could pay for your $19.95 per year CAP membership.

Call (800) 443-0227 today with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have regarding CAP and our future growth. Your thoughts are important to us.

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