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Best Roadside Service

Best Roadside Service is an American owned and operated company that began with the vision of providing customers with the best emergency roadside assistance plans available at competitive prices. Our core values have always focused on offering the best customer service standards in the industry.
Our service administrator* has been in business for over 50 years, since 1962, servicing the needs of over 15 million customers, so you can count on our stability, professionalism, and reliability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They handle over 70,000 calls a month and help over 1 million members each and every month!
Our model has been to keep things simple by offering comprehensive roadside service plans for consumers with our vehicle and individual plans, and for businesses with our commercial and fleet packages. What you won’t find are distracting services that don’t provide any value to our members.
Simply put, Best Roadside Service’s mission statement is to serve our members by providing the peace of mind and security that comes from having the best emergency roadside assistance policy, administered and provided by an American owned and operated company with conservative values and beliefs.
We cover individuals, a variety of vehicles including motorcycles and scooters, and commercial/fleet vehicles. Our services cover any passenger vehicle with the exception of class 5-8 vehicles and large buses.

Our Service Works Everywhere!

Our service works in any location throughout the United States and Canada. If you live in any of the 50 states or 10 Canadian provinces, you can take advantage of our membership programs and benefits. We have one of the largest databases of qualified service providers – 45,000 and growing – who have been pre-screened in all areas of the U.S. and Canada. With Best Roadside Service, help is always nearby and just a phone call away.

Fast Response Time

Our nationwide average response time is 34 minutes. This is made possible by the technology of our dispatch systems and by our well-trained service representatives. This is an average nationwide response time for our services. Actual response time can fluctuate based on weather, time of day, and year, as well as by proximity to highly populated areas.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to us, so we focus on providing you with the best service possible.
• All customer service professionals have a minimum of three years of experience.
• We support English, Spanish, and French speaking members.
• Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Included Services and Benefits

We offer some of the best services in the roadside assistance industry including:
• Towing – up to 75 miles per service call
• Lockout and lost key services
• Flat tire services
• Fuel delivery
• Dead battery services
• Trip and routing services
• Personal assistance
• Travel arrangement services
• Full VIP concierge services
• and more…

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Plans – Our emergency roadside assistance plans are flexible to meet your needs! Plans may cover either an individual and follow them regardless of the vehicle they are in, even if they are not the driver, or they can cover a specific vehicle or vehicles no matter who is driving. Our goal is to help make sure you and your loved ones are covered in the event of a roadside breakdown or emergency.

Affordable Coverage – Our plans are also affordable, while still providing you with the premium service you normally find on the most expensive roadside assistance plans. In addition, you’ll get the $5 a month discount just for being a
CAP member. All of our plans at Best Roadside Service include access to our VIP member benefits, including travel and cruise discounts, automotive discounts and trip planning services.

Fast Response Time – The technology of our dispatch system and our well-trained service representatives mean we’re able to get help routed to you quickly and consistently. With our nationwide average response time of 34 minutes, you can rest easy knowing in the event of a vehicle disablement, our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

*All 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Services and Benefits are administered through Nation Motor Club, Inc.

Administrative offices at 800 Yamato Road, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431. For Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas and Washington members, services are provided by Nation Motor Club, Inc. dba Nation Safe Drivers. For California members, services are provided by Nation Motor Club, Inc. | California Motor Club Permit Number 5157-3

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DirectLabs: The Pioneer in Direct Access Testing

It was the early 1980s when John Bell looked back at his personal family history, realizing he had lost his father and several other relatives before they reached their 50th birthday. Inspired and motivated by the loss of loved ones, John began studying the causes of heart attacks and learned of the correlation between elevated cholesterol and heart disease. Suddenly, wellness and early detection became a personal crusade. As a vigorous member of the rapidly growing healthcare industry, John founded his first wellness company in 1983. Heart Chek offered onsite screening programs performed nationwide by more than 50 phlebotomy teams. Collectively, the franchises were running more than 150,000 tests a month.

The Birth of Direct Access Testing

Expanding from cholesterol and cardiovascular screening into additional areas of wellness, John founded Direct Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS) in 1993. As the early 1990s saw the opening of Patient Service Centers by the nation’s major laboratories, DLS was able to establish the Direct Access Testing (DAT) concept, primarily through Internet marketing. And as the industry pioneer and leader, he formed a DAT trade association to establish and maintain standards of excellence as competitors with a common mission entered the field.

In recent years, DLS’ volume of fast, affordable, convenient and confidential online lab tests to individual consumers has significantly increased each year. Today, millions of Americans have no health insurance or have high-deductible health plans, so in addition to providing consumers with the ability to take charge of their own health at affordable prices, DLS offers a much-needed healthcare provider affiliation, giving physicians a safe, confidential, cost-effective resource for their uninsured patients. In 2003, Lab Services Benefits for groups, wellness companies and associations began as a component of mini-med plans. This benefit fills the gap created by expansion in the High Deductible Health Plan/Health Savings Account area. This segment of the company currently covers over 500,000 members.

Direct Lab’s Stellar Reputation

DLS’ reputation consistently earns recognition for organizing and administering health screenings for some of the country’s largest retailers, as well as state and local health departments. Periodic reviews of DLS’ operations by state health departments and medical regulatory boards consistently result in enthusiastic approval. For almost 20 years, DLS has provided wellness screening to employees of the State of Louisiana insured by the State Employees Group Benefits Program. And the City of New Orleans awarded DLS a certificate of appreciation for administering their Metro Area Health Awareness Program, which tested 20,000 people over nine days. Consumer testimonials from new and established consumers are a daily tribute to DLS’ success.

Sadly, John lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in December 2011. However, his vision and legacy live on in the company that he so dearly loved and built from the ground up.

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Getting the Best Deal on Roadside Assistance

Nearly every state in America requires vehicle owners to establish financial responsibility for their vehicles, and for good reason: Establishing financial responsibility for your vehicle means you’re able to cover the cost of damages sustained in an accident. To meet these financial responsibility requirements, many drivers choose to purchase auto coverage from an insurance company, and for those drivers it might seem sensible to also purchase roadside assistance from their insurance companies.
However, before you automatically tack roadside assistance coverage onto your auto insurance plan, you need to determine whether purchasing roadside assistance coverage from your auto insurer would be more beneficial than purchasing it from a third-party automobile club. In some situations, doing business with an automobile club makes more sense.

Roadside Assistance Through an Auto Insurer Might Not Be Worth the Cost

Your insurance company looks at several factors when determining your auto insurance premium. Such factors might include those you can control (such as your driving record), those you might or might not have immediate control over (such as the type of vehicle you drive), and those you have no control over (such as your gender and age).
Unfortunately, these factors sometimes work together to make your insurance premiums pricey. If you’re already paying high dollar for your insurance coverage, does it really make sense to tack on extra costs for roadside assistance?
The good news is that many automobile clubs offer roadside assistance services at a fraction of what you’d pay if you purchased the services through your insurance company. Ask your insurance company how much roadside assistance will cost, compare that cost to the prices of automobile clubs, and determine which company will best suit your budget and needs.

Using Your Insurer’s Roadside Assistance Could Affect Your Premiums

Having roadside assistance coverage is a good thing. It gives you peace of mind while you’re traveling and can be quite budget friendly when emergencies like flat tires and dead batteries surprise you.
However, if using these services means your auto insurance premiums could increase, it might make more sense for you to purchase a roadside assistance plan from an automobile club. With an automobile club, you’ll get the services you need at one flat rate.
Roadside Assistance Calls Could Haunt You Down the Road
Some insurance companies take your calls for roadside assistance into consideration when determining your insurability, so whether your insurance company is reevaluating your premiums or you’re purchasing auto insurance from another carrier, you might find the agent is looking at your roadside assistance calls as he or she determines your coverage eligibility and premiums.
If you purchase roadside assistance through an automobile club, chances are you won’t have to worry about how your calls might affect your insurance coverage and premiums because you’re doing business with a third-party company.
Before making a decision, talk with your insurance agent about the cost of your company’s roadside assistance coverage, how using the coverage might affect your premiums, and whether the company takes your roadside assistance calls into consideration when determining your insurability. In the end, choosing to purchase roadside assistance from an automobile club rather than from your insurance company might better suit both your budget and service needs.

Article courtesy of Best Roadside Service.

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Purpose Driven Tours

Our Mission

Purpose Driven Tours — founded by Wayne and Corrine Barber in 2006 — is a one-of-a-kind tour ministry that reveals God at work through biblical creation and our Christian heritage. These tours aren’t just for adults; they’re for everyone: singles, married couples, and families who want to enjoy touring America while growing and strengthening their faith.

Our Tours

Our exceptional Christian guides present fascinating, in-depth information that’s been missing from textbooks and public markers for more than 50 years. In fact, we call these lost pieces of history “Stolen Treasures.” We visit places like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mt. St. Helens, Washington D.C., Plymouth, Gettysburg, Boston, and Philadelphia to discover truths about creation science, the faith of our founding fathers, and the stories behind our national landmarks. Purpose Driven Tours has also visited Moody Bible Church, Brooklyn Tabernacle, Shadow Mountain Church, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Parkside Church in Cleveland, and other churches impacting our world for Christ.

Our Service

Traveling on a luxury coach with wireless sound, passengers can choose from a variety of Christian teaching, music, movies, and comedies. Tours are all inclusive, so all meals, hotels, admissions, tips, and travel insurance are covered. Guests stay in top-rated hotels and eat hearty meals in excellent restaurants, earning Purpose Driven Tours outstanding reviews from travelers such as Dr. Bernard Taylor, who said, “Every aspect of our New England Tour from the wonderful food, outstanding lodging, comfortable bus, and much appreciated Christian atmosphere was a royal experience. We highly recommend Purpose Driven Tours and give the company a five-star rating.”

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